Stylish Non White Wedding Dresses Ideas For Brides43
Stylish Non White Wedding Dresses Ideas For Brides43

43 Stylish Non White Wedding Dresses Ideas For Brides

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When you say wedding, few people will actually think about anything other than a white wedding dress. Women are used to wearing white wedding dresses, seeing other brides wear them, and in simple words – a wedding dress will for most of us always be a white one.

Wearing a white wedding gown is considered to be a tradition in some cultures, or is this only a matter of culture? A wedding dress was a status symbol, and impractical in a way. Brides used to wear white wedding gowns only to show that they can afford a dress that can be so easily stained, yet so hardly cleaned. Nowadays, things have changed.

Does a Wedding Gown Have to Be White?

No, it doesn’t have to be white. After all, weddings are all about love, and starting your life with your soul mate. Who cares about the dress? Well, apparently, almost every bride. Weddings have always had a veil of magic wrapped around them, and every bride wants to be the princess in their stories. Can they afford not to look extraordinarily? No, everything on them has to be perfect, and this includes the wedding dress as well. When it comes to colors, white is the most common choice, but many brides have started to broaden their horizons and turned to other colors, and this includes pink, green, orange, beige, and so forth.

What about the Other Cultures?

You need to know that there are many cultures that don’t require brides to wear white on the day of their wedding. According to their traditions, brides ought to wear red wedding dresses, or even pink, or orange.

Non-Traditional Wedding Gowns

Not only have wedding dresses in most diverse colors become widespread, but there is also a tendency to make these dresses more practical. As it has already been mentioned, white wedding gowns were a symbol of wealth for a very long time, owing to the fact that white is hard to maintain. Nowadays, many brides tend to choose a gown that they’ll be able to maintain properly and without too much effort. When making their selection, a lot of women choose a dress they’ll be able to wear for other occasions, such as cocktail parties or other exclusive events.

You Need to Feel Good in Your Wedding Outfit

The standards have changed now and modern brides rely on a variety of criteria to help them choose a color of their wedding gowns. Some brides choose a wedding gown based on their favorite color; some choose a color that goes well with their complexion; there are brides who like to experiment with colors, and the ones looking to make all the wedding guests gasp in surprise. The reasons are numerous, and the colors even greater in number – pink, orange, blue, green, black, yellow, maroon. As long as you feel great in your wedding gown, it doesn’t matter what color it is.